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  • Phone: 712-673-2311
  • Carroll Office
  • 603 N. Adams
  • Phone: 712-775-2946

Lidderdale Pricing

Long Distance Digital TV Local Telephone

WIN Unlimited LD: $29.95/month

WIN Premier LD: $0.14/min

WIN One Rate: $0.10/min + $4.95

Expanded Package: $89.99

Supreme Package: $99.99

DVR Service (Includes FREE Whole Home DVR): $9.99

HD Digital Box (Includes FREE HD service): $6.99

Whole Home DVR: FREE

Standard Digital Box: $6.99

NFL RedZone: $39.99/yr

Cinemax: $15.49

Showtime: $15.49

STARZ Super Pak: $15.49

HBO: $18.49

Installation: $70.00

Basic Residential Telephone Rate:$31.50

Wire Maintenance: $2.00

Extra Listing: $0.80

Standard Installation (flat fee): $50.00

Deposit (if required, flat fee): $50.00

Lifeline Monthly Credit: up to $9.25

Cellular Service Voicemail  
Please call or stop by one of our locations for current plans. Voicemail Package: $3.95  
WIN Internet Speed (Speeds Depend on Location) Calling Features

WINspeed Residential 1Gbps/200Mbps-Fiber: $262.99

WINspeed Residential 500Mbps/100Mbps-Fiber: $162.99

WINspeed Residential 250Mbps/100Mbps- Fiber: $102.99
WINspeed Residential 100Mbps/20Mbps- Fiber: $72.99

WINspeed Residential 25Mbps/5Mbps- Fiber: $62.99

WINspeed Residential 5Mbps/1Mbps- Fiber: $42.99

Standard Installation (flat fee): $50.00

Dial-up: $23.95

Dial-up Standard Installation (flat fee): $15.00

Gigacenter Wi-Fi Package: $14.95

SecureIT Plus: $8.99   SecureIT Plus

SecureIT Plus Installation (flat fee): $17.95

Online Backup 250GB: $14.95   FileHopper Plus

Online Backup 50GB: $6.95   FileHopper Plus

Online Backup 5GB: $3.95   FileHopper Plus

Password Genie: $3.00   Password Genie

Web Hosting (30MB): $7.00/month

Web Hosting setup (flat fee): $25.00

Email Hosting: $7.00/month

Email Hosting setup (flat fee): $15.00

Domain Registration/annual renewal: FREE/$15 per year

Caller ID: $3.95 Residential

Distinctive Ring: $3.95 Residential

Anonymous Call Rejection: $2.95 Residential

Automatic Redial: $2.95 Residential

Call Forward On Busy: $2.95 Residential

3-Way Calling: $2.95 Residential

Call ID Blocking: $2.95 Residential

Call Waiting: $3.95 Residential

Telemarketing Call Screening: $3.95 Residential

Continuous Redial: $2.95 Residential

Call Forward: $2.95 Residential

Call Forward No Answer: $2.95 Residential

30# Speed Calling: $2.95 Residential

Remote Call Forward: $2.95 Residential

Voicemail: $3.95 Residential