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Residential Long Distance

Long Distance

Keep in touch with your friends, family and business customers using your long distance connection at Western Iowa Networks.

No Hidden Rates. Tricky billing and miscellaneous charges make other long distance companies complicated and expensive. These practices can add 20-50% more to your bill then what you thought you bargained for. With other companies you should watch out for:

  • minimum usage charges
  • companies charging separately for in-state, out-of-state, and local toll calls
  • companies 'rounding up' to bill in 1 minute increments during entire call
  • companies with unreasonable times for their "night calling" plans

No Slamming

WIN offers protection from slamming. Some long distance carriers don't have any guarantee that you might suddenly get switched to a different carrier and be charged those switching fees.

Simplify and Save with WIN Long Distance

With WIN, you'll enjoy simplified plans and easy to read billing statements designed with you in mind - to save you big bucks over the gimmicks, tricks and last minute charges of other long distance companies. If you have other services with WIN, we'll add your Long Distance charges to your monthly statement so you only have to pay from one bill.

The Unlimited Long Distance plan is only available with WIN local phone service. This plan cannot be used for any commercial or voice messages. This plan does not include charges incurred for calling card service, calls to international exchanges, or calls to toll number, directory assistance or operator calls. Usage may be monitored and customer may be required to show compliance. If WIN determines that usage is not consistent with typical residential customer usage, the customer may be subject to discontinuation, additional fees or offered an alternative plan at the company's sole discretion without prior notice. Additional regulatory and other fees apply with package. Pricing for Carroll residents is the Local Unlimited Bundle.